Meet The Team

Generic Asian Name
Honoru to famiry, become doctoru
Big Daddy
Call me for bookings
Reverend Vanilla
P.S. Have my own confession box.
Johnny Longfellow
Professional Acrobat & Orangutan
Cucumber Daddy
Call me £50/hr
The Great Khali
AKA The Great Masala
Avid Trump Fan
Trump 2017 #MexicoWall
Local Drug Dealer
Visit my shop for fun times
I Speak Tamal
Did I tell you I spoke Tamal?
Marpin Marpin the Marpin
[Fairy Type] Marpin Marpin by Marpin Marpin
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UCL School of Pharmacy
29-39 Brunswick Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AX


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The Great Khali

AKA The Great Masala